Presse Papier i Kanada söker utställningsförslag!


Dead line:   MARCH, 15th  2017

Programmation 2018

The Centre de diffusion Presse Papier is looking for artists or groups for exhibitions of actual art using traditional printmaking techniques in the elaboration of the works. The Centre de diffusion Presse Papier is also interested in proposals from curators who would like to present projects linked to printmaking, particularly with regards to its development and its pertinence as a contemporary means of expression.

Dossiers showing evidence of new approaches to printmaking will be given particular attention. The following list suggests some possible lines of research:
– contemporary subject matter
– installations involving printmaking
– hybridity
– research into printmaking techniques
– mixed printmaking techniques
– new approaches to the artist’s book
– printmaking as social expression
– a questioning of printmaking’s identity

All candidates must submit a dossier for presentation to a jury. Incomplete dossiers may adversely affect the processing of your demand.

The presentation dossier must include:
– an outline of your exhibition project (approximately 400 words)
– a curriculum vitae (maximum 5 pages) or a group presentation
– press reviews (maximum 5 pages). Voluntary
– 10 to 15 digital reproductions of artwork (Jpg format, maximum 1000/1000 pixels; maximum 100 dpi)

Please take notice that in the rules of our gallery Centre d’Exposition Presse Papier , an artist can’t present more than one exhibition in the same period of five years.

The presentation documents do not necessarily have to illustrate the works to be exhibited, but they should however faithfully reflect the artist’s proposed exhibition at the Centre de diffusion Presse Papier.

Documents can be sent by post or by email.

Submissions will not be returned unless a stamped envelope is included.

73, Rue Saint Antoine
Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 2J2
e-mail:  [email protected]


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