7-20th of November 2016, Bucharest

BIPB 2016 is an international competition that brings together international visual artists who share the passion for the traditional techniques of engraving and its unexpected possibilities and visual solutions. Therefore, we wish to offer these artists the possibility to reinvent the engraved image which managed to withstand the test of time and impose itself as a form of contemporary artistic manifestation.

Since its first edition in 2014, Bucharest International Print Biennale had 65 exhibitors and the second edition will include, in addition to the exhibitions, series of conferences and artist talks.

Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici din România [Romanian Fine Arts Union] – UAP
Centrul Cultural „Palatele Brâncovenești” [Cultural Center “Palatele Brâncovenești”]

Institutul Cultural Român [Romanian Cultural Institute] – ICR
Universitatea Națională de Arte București [National University of Arts Bucharest] – UNARTE

Special Jury Prize: 800 euro
1st prize: 600 euro
2nd prize: 400 euro
3rd prize: 300 euro
Debut prize: 300 euro

The participants will receive a catalogue of the event.

All news and related events can be found at:

The organizing team will remain in contact with the participants at [email protected]

Terms of participation

The maximum paper size is 50×70 cm.
BIPB 2016 doesn’t allow, for exhibition, entries that are older than two years (the execution year must be between November 2014 and November 2016).

Registration to BIPB 2016 will be done by sending the application form completed, along with a number of maximum 3 entries at [email protected]

The selection of the entries will be done by an international jury that will be further announced and the selected artists will receive confirmation via email.

The selected works will be sent to the Romanian Fine Arts Union address: Piața Amzei street, nr.13, 4th floor, 010343, 1st sector, Bucharest by the 30th of October 2016.

The return of the works will be covered by the organizers.

The announcement of the prizes will take place after the opening of BIPB 2016.

The online application form must be filled out and sent to [email protected] by the 30th of September


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